Case Studies

Pallet Based Surface Cleaning of Parts:

The CleanLogix patented Composite Spray System uses cheap and abundant CO2 instead of water or chemicals to accomplish surface cleaning of dirt, organics and particles down to the sub -micron level. By precisely expanding liquid CO2 from a liquid to a solid and intercepting in the super critical state of a crystal, the patented GENESYS unit them combines the precise mixture of solid CO2 ice particles through the delivery hose in a controlled stream which is directed by the robot. This blast of semi-solid sharp edged CO2 ice crystals is then accelerated to impact the surface with over 10,000 PSI of impact per crystal. As each crystal impact the substrate, dirt and contaminants are thrown off the surface from the resulting energy. As these CO2 crystals sublime they pass through a gel like state capturing the particles and entraining them into the Fortimo’s cleanroom grade vertical recirculation and exhaust system. There is no water or solvent used, no heat or drying necessary or waste stream to drain. Simple air filters trap the particles efficiently capturing them until filter replacement time.

Clean, Dry Machining Coolants:

The CleanLogix patented Composite Spray System uses the same cheap and abundant CO2 instead of liquid flood coolants or MQL to help maintain cutting quality and to precisely control cutter temperatures. The technology simultaneously cools and cleans giving you a completely clean and dry part post machining operations. A high speed spindle mounted to the Kuka Agilus via tool changer, allows the robot to secondarily function as a precision machining cell. Using CO2 as cryogenic point source precise cooling, combined with diamond tool and the 60,000 RPM spindle allows smoother faster cuts and no post part cleanup required.

Fortimo Multi-Process Platfrom (MPP)


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